Cleaning has never been easy, especially if you have a pressure washer at home. You can clean most things at home, such as cars, side homes, driveways, among many others. Besides, you can save extra cash you could take to your garage to clean your car. Cleaning your car at home is advantageous since you get to handle your car with care and use appropriate detergents that will leave your vehicle sparkling clean. Are you eager to learn in-depth steps to follow when pressure cleaning your vehicle? Read on to understand better.

Pressure washing your car: A step-by-step guide.

When your car is extremely dirty, and you have extra time plus extra labor force at home, you can use the following procedure to effectively clean it instead of taking it to the garage.

Rinsing the top layer made of grime and grit.

If you have a pressure washer with a variable jet spray, adjust the spray to clean the rinse the car without damaging the paint. Also, when rinsing the windows and other fragile sections of the car, set less power to avoid damaging such areas when rinsing or smoothening the grime and grit.

Apply the detergent

After spraying your car to rinse the grime, you now need to set the nozzle to be wider and less powerful, then apply the detergent to cover the whole car. Leave for a few minutes to soak. However, take note so that the detergent doesn’t dry up.

Clean the stubborn grease and dirt

After the detergent has performed magic for a few minutes, start scrubbing the extreme dirt using a car brush. Start with the smooth sections as you head to the rough sections, such as the wheels. This is because the wheel can carry rough debris in the brush that can easily scratch the smooth sections of the car and remove the paint. After using the brush, rinse it thoroughly.

Rinse the car

You need to adjust our pressure washer settings too high when you start rinsing the vehicle. Take note of the pressure you use at the windows and on the paint. It should clear the dirt without breaking the windows or damaging the paint. This is why you need to understand the different nozzles and their functionality. However, if you don’t have varied nozzles for effective pressure requirements, you can consider standing far away from the car as you spray. This will ensure the water doesn’t come at a higher pressure to damage the fragile windows and the paint.


As much as a pressure washer aids in cleaning your car. You must be sure of the effective steps you should take to have your car super clean without any damages. The best aspect of pressure cleaning your home is the combined efforts from people at home who will ensure your car remains clean from the outside and the interior. This move will see you save a good amount of cash you could have spent in the garage.


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